A Man At The Top!"

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To be released shortly (late May) on the VV label will be their fifth release entitled "A Man At The Top!" featuring  the complete live soundboard recording on August 10th 1970 Las Vegas opening show . The double vinyl will be accompanied from a DVD with the best  video possible of the show . After the success of the first four releases We decided: to give you more.….. so we decided to not only bring you the best audio , but also the best video quality possible.

The producers are aware of the fact that the opening night show, as one of the best Elvis Presley concerts ever, has been previously released in different imports. But Here we give you the chance to listen to the show in its entirety FOR THE FIRST TIME in a double high valued collector heavy vinyl set. At the same moment FOR THE FIRST TIME  as bonus will be included a DVD OF THE SHOW  giving to this release the status of "UNIQUE".

"A Man At The Top" wants to give you a unique perspective of the man and his music during this August 1970. This will be the first STEP of a wider project, in fact the producers' intention is to accompanied this first volume with other three volumes, in the way to cover all the soundboard recordings of August 1970.

The Vegas third season allows Elvis, after the June studio session, to demonstrate his true abilities in a wider range. We see the best of Elvis in songs that will become the fulcrum of the Elvis show until 1972, Here you can hear the complete opening night. The audio has been carefully remastered from the original source and is complete from the beginning to the end. The vinyl will make the rest, providing to the listener an unforgettable experience!!
The opening night is surely a great challenge for  Elvis, the shooting of a movie and the rehearsal of a large quantity of new stuff gives the possibility to the man to delivery if no the best show something really different and unique to the audience. The opening show presents 8 new songs, including both the sides of his next two singles!!! …. the rest is history……

About the Vegas opening night  has been already said a lot a words, so We like spend some words on the DVD here presented…. A lot s of DVD floating in the previous years including footage from the different quality and the missing audio….some time ago the producers acquired a three dvd set with included all the footage shot from the opening night, directly from the same source in a very good quality. All the different camera angles have been edited to create a real professional movie.
All the footage has been digitally restored in matter to achieve the best result of image quality. All the footage includes matching audio from the original concert  in the way to get  a perfect sync between audio and image with speed correction of the original footage. Although the show is no  complete , the result believe us is very impressive, Elvis as you never seen..THE BEST QUALITY TO DATE!!!!!

The DOUBLE  LP SET 180 VINYL GRAM,  IT NEVER SOUNDED BETTER!!!!is a LIMITED HAND NUMBERED 500 COPIES. It comes  with an three fold  300 gram high quality GLOSSY  sleeve both sides printed, giving an unique view. The sleeve will be accompanied Newspapers clips and with many  photographs of the opening night., giving to the reader an unique document to read, listen and see, with Elvis at his best ..A MAN AT THE TOP of his possibilities..

VV LAVEL added a DVD cover, as a bonus, so each customer can decide by themselves if they will want to keep the DVD inside the book or inside a proper single DVD case.

We hope you can enjoy this FIFTH  product in the way to give life to the next volume soon as possible.

You can place your order at your favorite dealer from now on.

LP August 10, 1970 Opening Night
Live soundboard recording


SIDE A*  13.20 MIN

01     Opening Theme                                
02     That's All Right                                
03     Mystery Train/Tiger Man                           
04     Monologue 1                           
05     I Can't Stop Loving You                            
06     Love Me Tender                                

SIDE B*  16.20 MIN

07     The Next Step Is Love                     
08     Words                                      
09     I Just Can't Help Believin'               
10     Something                               

SIDE C*  16.37 MIN

11      Sweet Caroline                                  
12     You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'      
13     You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
14     Polk Salad Annie                              
15     Introductions                                     

SIDE D*  16.03 MIN

16     I've Lost You                                    
17     Monologue 2                                    
18     Bridge Over Troubled Water            
19     Patch It Up                              
20     Can't Help Falling In Love/
Closing Vamp     

*Tracks previously  released soundboard  recording

DVD Las Vegas Opening Night August 10, 1970 show
Running time 47 min.

The Show
01.Opening Vamp /That's All Right
02.Mystery Train/Tiger Man
03.I Can't Stop Loving You
04.Love Me Tender
05.Next Step Is Love/
(part only) Words
 (part only) 06.Something (part only)
07.You've Lost The Loving Feeling
08.You Don't Have To Say
09.Polk Salad Annie
10.Patch It Up
11.Can't Help Falling Love
12.Backstage/After Show Party

Approx running time 36.00 min.


01 Dressing Room&Backstage
Approx. Time 11 min.02  VV Label Back Catologue
Approx. Time 1 min


Include Previously Unreleased Material
Full Restored With Meticulously Re-Mastered Sound and Picture




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